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B&B dei Papi

The “B&B of the Popes” is a characteristic Palace situated in Viterbo, between “Death Square” and “Gymnasium Street”, in the heart of the most ancient part of the city, rich of medieval memories.
In the neighbourhood there are The “Dome Hill “(to an approximate distance of 100 meters), seat of the famous 1200 “Pope’s Palace”, in gothic style and widely used in the XIII century by the Cistercian Monks, and the “Saint Pellegrino” quarter.This is one of the most ancient quarters of the city, which has best conserved the medieval aspect with its narrow and typical streets, old buildings like the “Patrizi palaces”, austere towers, arched porticos, historical churches and the spurting fountains….traces of the passed life waiting for telling legends rich of mystery. In the XIV century, the Palace was part of a large tenement-house belonging to one of the most important noble family of the city: the Tignosi (whose coat-of-arms is visible on the XIII century Loggetta in Death Square), noticed also like the Maganzesi (since they came from the German city of Magonza-Mains); Viterbo citizens remember the Tignosi continuous fights against the other great family , the “Gatti” (who built the Pope’s Palace), to conquer the city.
Immediately in front of the building there is the XVI century “Del Drago Palace”, the first historical residence of the roman prince’s family “Del Drago”.

Our B&B
Constructed in tans of lava stone, the Palace is articulated on three levels. Even if recently restored, it preserves the elegance and the glamour of a noble family’s old property and, at the same time, its furniture (like fireplaces in lava stone, ceiling with wood beams and cooked pavement of original tiles of the age) gives the Palace a warm, romantic and relaxing atmosphere for all of our guests looking for moments of privacy. The wide hall on the first floor is equipped with a free internet connection and a loft overhanging-library rich of art catalogues and books; a rich buffet breakfast will be served in the sitting-room upstairs: it is an airy and weel-lighted room through a lantern roof where our guests can watch TV and taste a coffee or a tea whenever they want.

Relax zones
In the relax zones you can savour one of our delicious teas whilst listening to relaxing music or enjoying the additional services such as massotherapy and the infrared sauna.

The sauna room.
The room is equipped with aromatherapy, chromotherapy and an infrared sauna which can be booked in advance in order to ensure your sphere of privacy and maximum relax.